1934 Ford Brewster Town Car

1934 Ford Brewster Town Car


Brewster built some Rolls Royce and kept the same quality for other vehicles such as this unique Ford powered open front town car


  • YEAR & MAKE - 1934 Ford
  • SERIES - Brewster
  • BODY TYPE - 4 Door, 5 Passenger Town Car
  • BODY BY - Brewster
  • # CYLS. - V8
  • WEIGHT - 3,500 lbs
  • HP - 85
  • C.I.D. - 221
  • WHEELBASE - 127″
  • PRICE NEW - $3,500
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Brewster & Company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce of North America. To avoid the stigma of bankruptcy, it evolved into the Springfield Manufacturing Corp. President John Inskip’s idea was to build four custom-built Brewster bodies on a Ford V-8 chassis each carrying a $3,500 price tag, half the typical cost of a custom car at that time. Body styles included a town car, limousine, convertible coupe, and convertible sedan. The plebian Ford chassis appealed to those who had survived the crash financially yet considered it inappropriate to flash their good fortune in an era of soup kitchens, breadlines, and 25 percent unemployment. To the unsuspecting they could say, “I’m driving a Ford.”

The Ford V-8 chassis was lengthened 15 inches to accept the Brewster coachwork. Not to be confused with any other car, Brewsters featured a unique heart-shaped grille and cow catcher-style front bumpers on 1934 models. Others likened the quirky styling to a fountain pen point. Production of cars began in 1934 and ended in 1936 with as few as 113 built. Brewsters were sold exclusively through the Rolls-Royce dealership in New York City. This car was purchased new by Joseph S. Abbott, chief executive of The American Sugar Refining Company.