1939 Lincoln Model K LeBaron Convertible Coupe

1939 Lincoln Model K LeBaron Convertible Coupe


This was the last year for the big KB V-12, the last year for the rumble seat and the last year for the gorgeous LeBaron bodied Convertible Roadster.


  • YEAR & MAKE - 1939 Lincoln
  • MODEL NAME - LeBaron Convertible Coupe
  • SERIES - K
  • BODY TYPE - 2 Door, 2/4 Passenger Rumble Seat Convertible
  • BODY BY - Le Baron
  • # CYLS. - V12
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE & NUMBER - 3 Speed, Double Dry Disc Clutch, RWD
  • WEIGHT - 5,505 lbs
  • HP - 150
  • C.I.D. - 414
  • WHEELBASE - 136″
  • PRICE NEW - $5,313
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The K-series Lincolns were still being made in 1939, though production had slowed to a mere trickle. They were almost identical to 1938 models and only 139 were produced for the model year. Of those, 97 were fitted with standard sedan and limousine bodies made in Lincoln’s own plants. The remainder were fitted with semi-custom and custom coachwork by various builders. Interestingly, the last 160-inch commercial chassis was used as the basis for a custom-built Brunn Cabriolet commissioned by the White House for President Franklin Roosevelt.

 LeBaron built just two Lincoln K Convertible Roadsters designated Model 410 on the 136-inch chassis for 1939. In standard form, the model was priced at $5,200 and weighed in at 5,505 pounds. It shared the same basic body with a two-passenger coupe for which LeBaron received four orders prior to Lincoln shutting down the Model K production line. It believed that one of these was the last Model K to be shipped from Detroit. LeBaron, itself a division of Briggs Manufacturing Co., was slowly being absorbed into its parent company and by 1941 was no longer operating as an autonomous division. Briggs thereafter was purchased by Chrysler Corp