1935 Lincoln Model K Limousine

1935 Lincoln Model K Limousine


This beautifully restored automobile was one of only 1,411 KB models built in 1935. They were softer and rounder and had the grille, shell and headlamps painted the color of the body.

  • YEAR & MAKE - 1935 Lincoln
  • SERIES - K Series 301
  • BODY TYPE - 4 Door, 7 Passenger Limousine
  • BODY BY - Lincoln
  • # CYLS. - V12
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE & NUMBER - 3 Speed, Double Dry Disc Clutch, RWD
  • WEIGHT - 5,935 lbs
  • HP - 150
  • C.I.D. - 414
  • WHEELBASE - 145″
  • PRICE NEW - $4,700
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Lincoln’s big efforts in 1935 were not be revealed until November 2nd with the announcement of the revolutionary medium-price Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 for 1936. Still, the K-series Lincolns were substantially changed for 1935. All 1935 Lincoln bodies were redesigned in keeping with parent Ford Motor Company following the lead established by the Chrysler Airflow. Cars were given a lower center of gravity and passenger seating was moved 11 inches forward of where they would have been placed in previous models. This necessitated a redesign of all chassis. Other changes to 1935 Lincolns included a more raked windshield, new front bumpers, and streamlined headlights painted to match the body color of the car.

The Model 303-B Seven-Passenger Limousine was the companion to Lincoln’s 303-A Seven-Passenger Sedan, its most popular model. At 5,630 pounds, this was Lincoln’s heaviest production car. Sharing the 145-inch wheelbase and basic body shell with its sister sedan, the Limousine was priced at $4,700. Lincoln built just 282 in its own shops. Among the luxury fitments included a concealed lady’s vanity with full-size mirror, built-in smoking set, side and folding center armrests in the rear, individually adjustable seats, solid robe rail, and concealed inter-compartment telephone to the chauffer. Rear quarter windows swung outward and were fitted with concealed curtains.