1939 Cadillac Convertible Limousine

1939 Cadillac Convertible Limousine


This beautifully restored Cadillac convertible limousine is said to have been owned by the U.S. Ambassador to France. It features a division glass between the driver and the passenger compartment, radio, heater, fully enclosed, dual side-mounted spare wheels, and removable pillars between the front and rear doors for a clean top-down look.


  • YEAR & MAKE - 1939 Cadillac
  • SERIES - 39-75
  • BODY TYPE - 4 Door, 5 Passenger Convertible Sedan
  • BODY BY - Fleetwood
  • # CYLS. - V8
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE & NUMBER - 3 Speed, Single Disc Clutch, RWD
  • WEIGHT - 4,675 lbs
  • HP - 135
  • C.I.D. - 346
  • WHEELBASE - 141.25″
  • PRICE NEW - $3,495
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Cadillac offered five separate passenger car lines on four different wheelbases for 1939. However, that would quickly change after 1940 as both the LaSalle and the V-16 models were gone forever from the lineup. All Cadillacs received an attractive new swept-back grille which was complemented by equally thin vertical grille bars in the wide “catwalk” area between the center grille and the front fenders. This non-functional styling gimmick would last just one more year on Cadillacs.

Despite their good looks, convertible sedans were falling out of favor with buyers. Cadillac offered one in all its car lines except for the Sixty Special in 1939. No doubt, all were beautiful, well-proportioned cars, but the public barely noticed. Cadillac built just 36 of these beauties for 1939. At $3,945 before options, this was among Cadillac’s most expensive eight-cylinder offerings, which no doubt held sales to a minimum