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1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
LWB armoured car, ex-British Embassy

Commissioned by British Foreign Office for use as part of the British Embassy vehicle pool in Washington, DC, for transportation of dignitaries, including Diana, Princess of Wales.

Confirmed use by Princess Diana:

October 4, 1990: Royal Gala Evening to benefit the London City Ballet at US Department of Commerce, Washington DC. Photos exist of Diana in and beside car.

October 5, 1990: Visit to Grandma’s House, Washington DC home for HIV positive children


"An excerpt from Associated Press: October 06, 1990, WASHINGTON: Princess Diana visited two First Ladies Friday–one who lives in the White House and another, only 3 years old, who is infected with the AIDS virus.

The younger “First Lady” earned her nickname because she was the first child placed at Grandma’s House, a home for children with the deadly virus. The girl, dressed in bright pink overalls for the occasion, grabbed Diana’s hand when they were introduced. The princess scooped her up, carried her upstairs during a tour of the Victorian row house and acquiesced when the girl asked for a ride around the block in Diana’s dark green Rolls-Royce.

As cameras flashed and whirred, the princess stepped out of the car with “the First Lady” in her arms–a symbolic picture that gratified the founders of Grandma’s House, who have kept its location unpublicized out of concern about prejudice and fear.

“That kind of picture . . . a person of her stature coming . . . ” said the Rev. Debbie Tate, president of a crisis housing organization that runs Grandma’s House. “It shows that it’s all right to love a person with AIDS, it’s all right to care about a person with AIDS, it’s all right to hug a person with AIDS. . . . It won’t hurt you.”

Diana’s whirlwind trip, her second solo visit to the United States, ended less than 24 hours after she arrived in the country. She attended a gala Thursday night to benefit Grandma’s House and ballet companies in Washington and London, and she had coffee Friday morning at the White House with Barbara Bush and others before her motorcade went to the children’s residence."

  • Uparmored by MacNeillie & Son, Ltd. Walsall, UK.

  • Laminated polycarbonate in place of glass.

  • Kevlar and steel plate armour.

  • Two Motorola telephones.

  • Exterior intercom system.

  • Unrestored.

  • Fully functional: working sunroof & air Conditioning

  • 60,300 miles




1949 Muntz Jet, Kurtis Sports Car Recreation



  • BODY TYPE 2-Door 2-Passenger Roadster 
  • Engine: Lincoln Flathead V-8
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE:  Lincoln Hydramatic
  • WEIGHT: 2300 lbs
  • ESTIMATED PRODUCTION: 400 Muntz Jets, 7 Kurtis Sports Cars
  • HP 100
  • C.I.D. 239
  • WHEELBASE 100″ 


1947-Packard Custom 8 Speedster - $75,000.00

  • YEAR & MAKE 1947 Packard
  • MODEL NAME Custom Super Clipper Eight
  • SERIES 2106
  • BODY TYPE 2 Door  2 Passenger Convertible Coupe
  • BODY BY John E. Morgan Collection
  • # CYLS. I 8
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE & NUMBER 3-Speed, Rwd. Electromatic clutch, Over drive
  • WEIGHT 4060 lbs
  • HP 165
  • C.I.D. 356
  • WHEELBASE 127″
  • PRICE NEW $3,274